Tattoos, piercings, girls.


Marisa 20 England
I Absolutely love the idea of finding your one true love, never wanting anyone else
Hopeless romantic
Want to know anything or need some advice drop me a message. Peace.
Anonymous: I love you Marisa! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

Impossible ❤️❤️





*doctor voice* congratulations! it’s a brony!

put it back

Nah once a brony leaves his mother he never enters a woman again

I laughed so hard all air has left my lungs and blew a hole through the wall.


it’s usually just me


oh here’s a photo of me from a couple months ago. photo and styling by my girls Sara Kiesling and Judith Kostroski (respectively). what a lovely day with lovely friends in a lovely house with some lovely faribault woolen mill product.